While both the Dogwood Bar and the Barn Bar sport an unrivaled selection of premium liquors, they specialize in whiskey. After all, the core of American whiskey production surrounds us in the South, and our collection is comprised of both American and international whiskies. However, the one closest to our hearts are the ones produced closest to our homes. We like to believe that our region is at the forefront of the American whiskey revival, and the amber glow that emanates from within our bars clearly represents our passion for brown spirits. Just as our wine list promotes the small wine producers of California and the rest of the United States, our selection of 60 small-production or artisan American whiskies demonstrates the skill, craftsmanship, and traditions of American Master Distillers. For the last decade Blackberry Farm has been dedicated to collecting the best whiskies that the world has to offer.

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Today, the Barn Bar has a compilation of 600 different Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, and Japanese whiskies. Our whiskey list represents all of these offerings with a large focus on Bourbon and Rye and included stories of the rich histories of each distillery. We invite you to come relax in the ambience of the Barn Bar lounge and encourage you to take a look through the whiskey list. Enjoy the selections and conversations with our bartenders, and discover the stories of your favorite whiskies.

For those of you that seek out the world’s rarest spirits, look no further. The bucket list tasting at Blackberry Farm is unrivaled. You will have the opportunity to taste through some of the rarest examples of Bourbon, Scotch and Brandy that Blackberry Farm and the world has to offer. Led by one of our passionate sommeliers or mixologists you will get a personalized tasting experience that dives into the history of whiskey and brandy. With discussions focused on distillation, production of each spirit and producer biographies this tasting will help you to appreciate each spirit in its own right.

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