The Bee Keeper

Like other elements of the farm, the beekeeper plays an integral role and provides a tremendous product that is savored by guests. The beehives occupy a few places on property that afford the bees with ample sources of pollen to produce their sweet nectar for the beekeeper to extract during the year. The source of nectar for harvest comes from a combination of tulip popular, wild flowers and sourwood. These varieties give our honey delicate flavors with light amber hues. Sourwood trees are mostly found in wooded areas and bloom from the end of June through August.

Sourwood honey is considered to be the best tasting honey and is known for its sweet, spicy, anise aroma and pleasant aftertaste. With hives located near the garden, the bees will be busily working in the spring to produce honey that is a mix of wild flower and tulip poplar, all the while helping to propagate the plants growing in the garden.


Dustin Busby

Passionate about farming and the entire process of harvesting, Dustin is always in search of the best ingredients from the land and the most delicious ways to enjoy them. Dustin got his culinary chops from around the world staging at some of the most renowned restaurants including The Fat Duck, The French Laundry and Le Manoir while working as Sous Chef at the Woodlands, another Relais & Chateaux property. During his time at Blackberry he has worked as Executive Sous Chef of the Barn, Preservationist and Cheesemaker giving him an expanded range of expertise.

In 2017 Dustin assumed the role of Farmstead Manager. In line with his southern roots, and combining his love of land and kitchen, his talents and passions merge perfectly in this role. Dustin oversees production in the Larder, which encompasses the butchery, cheese making and preservations programs, where he combines his expertly honed culinary skills with raw creativity and real life experience as a farmer. His position takes him out of the kitchen and into nature to discover what the region has to offer and experiment with what he can do with it.

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